Leading the Fight
Against Fire

A global expert in fire safety solutions.

EPC Contractor

Installed at over 200 Oil & Gas projects.


F&G system and Fire Fighting products.


More Knowledgeable, Better Result


Installation, Commissioning, Supervision, After Sale service

Soutions and Systems

Global Provider

Providing full range of safety systems solutions, in all areas where hazardous substances, and satisfying our customer's needs is our priority.

Integrated Systems

Customers encourage integration of F&G Systems with Fire Suppression Systems to reduce cost and ensure simple, total system, technical/contractual interface.

F&G and Fire Suppression

There is ability to design and supply F&G Systems with the best combination of state-of-the-art PLC and field devices and any type of extinguishing systems based on: Gas, Foam, Dry Chemical, Water.

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Here is a company with engineering and manufacturing team which design, build and configure safety systems (and control, if required) with extended services to SAT and site assistance.

Fire and Gas Detection System

Integrated systems, including fire along with I/O control functions.

Fire Suppression Systems

Water-Based, Chemical Foam, Pressurized Gas systems, Foam Deluge Systems.

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