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Foam System

Foam Suppression System is water based with an added extinguishing agent. It can be used where flammable or combustible liquids are used, processed, manufactured or stored, and for vapor mitigation. Foam suppression systems are used to “cool the fire and coat the fuel that the fire is consuming to prevent contact with oxygen and reduce combustion ability.” The foam, when dispursed, smothers or blankets the surface of the fuel.

Systems & Equipment

  • Foam Concentrate Reservoir Device: Atmospheric Storage Tank, Bladder Tank, Foam Barrel.
  • Foam Generation Device: Inline Inductor, Foam Proportioner, Foam Dosing Mixer.
  • Discharge Outlet Device: Foam Chamber, Foam Maker/Pourer, High Back Pressure Foam Generator.
  • Interconnecting Piping: Valves, Pipes, fittings, Supports


  • Fixed or Floating Roof Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Dike Area Protection
  • Oil and chemical Export Jetties
  • Oil & Chemical loading & Unloading Facilities
  • Plane Hanger
  • Chemical product Store