A post indicator valve (PIV) is a type of valve used in fire protection systems, specifically in automatic sprinkler systems and standpipe systems, to control the flow of water. It is typically installed outside of buildings and serves to indicate whether the valve is open or closed. The valve itself is often a gate valve, and the post indicator provides a visual indication of its position, making it easy for firefighters and maintenance personnel to determine the status of the water supply to the fire protection system.


Types of Post Indicator Valves

There are several types of post indicator valves, generally categorized based on their design and installation method:

1. Standard Post Indicator Valve (PIV):
– The traditional and most common type, featuring a vertical post with a window that shows “OPEN” or “SHUT” depending on the valve’s position. This type is usually installed above ground.

2. Wall Post Indicator Valve (WPIV):
– Similar to the standard PIV but designed to be mounted on an exterior wall of a building. It has a smaller, more compact design suitable for installations where space is limited.

3. Recessed Post Indicator Valve:
– Installed partially or completely underground, with only the indicator post visible above ground. This type is used when a lower profile is desired or when aesthetic or security concerns dictate minimal above-ground exposure.

4. Butterfly Post Indicator Valve (BPIV):
– Uses a butterfly valve instead of a gate valve. This type is often used for applications requiring quicker operation and lower maintenance.

5. Indicator Post with Gear Operator:
– Incorporates a gear mechanism to facilitate easier operation of the valve, especially useful for larger diameter valves or when frequent operation is expected.

Key Features of Post Indicator Valves

– Visual Indication: Clearly shows whether the valve is open or closed, which is crucial during fire emergencies.
– Tamper-Resistant: Often equipped with locks or tamper switches to prevent unauthorized operation.
– Manual Operation: Typically operated by a wrench or a handwheel, allowing for manual control in case of emergencies.


Post indicator valves are essential components in fire protection systems for various facilities, including commercial buildings, industrial sites, and residential complexes. They ensure that firefighters and maintenance personnel can quickly and easily control and verify the water supply to the fire suppression system.


Post Indicator Valves are crucial for managing and indicating the status of water flow in fire protection systems, with several types designed to meet specific installation requirements and operational needs.